Easy Whole 30 Salad

I love meal prepping on Sundays for a week of healthy lunches. Salads with various toppings are my normal go-to and I always switch it up to not get bored. For the base, I usually do baby spinach, mixed arugula or sorrento blend. For toppings, I make two proteins to switch back and forth from along with about two or three other veggies. Air fried chicken tenders, sauteed chicken sausage, chicken salad, tuna salad, shredded chicken – these are super simple, healthy and delicious! For the veggies, I love roasted broccoli, radishes (raw or air fried), roasted carrots, roasted cauliflower, and raw peppers. The limit does not exist!

Pick a Base

Choose 2 proteins

Veggie Ideas

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